SPOILER: I am a terrible writer

A recently-released book about being a good content writer for developers reminded me – I am a terrible writer. It takes me many revisions to get to anything good. I meander. I might not have a goal. I keep notes for myself and post them bare.

How many times through re-reading old posts am I embarrassed by the overall quality? Plenty! Hopefully https://www.developersguidetocontent.com comes to the rescue.

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Still not the years of linux on the desktop

I typically assume most this-gen hardware will work under popular distributions, but ubuntu proves time and again (14, 16, and 18 LTS releases) that even if bluetooth works on liveCD (which it doesn’t always), bluetooth compatibility is not its strong point.

I’m seriously ready to go back to windows, so I can use bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and headphones. It’s really pissing me off.

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The other day, I noticed my manager was constantly beating me to the punch on local builds (by a factor of 2-4), so I asked for — and got — a machine upgrade. Thus begins the dance of rolling out a new working environment.

I took this as an opportunity to attempt to install all the things with chocolatey, and see how it works.

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I just noticed it’s been 1 month and 5 days, depending on how you slice it, since my initial chef-themed entry. That’s several business days, without a complete working result that can build my software. Granted, a lot of learning and bootstrap stuff. But, I don’t have a server with clients I can instantly deploy and have it build all my existing jobs in a staging environment.

What I have, is a codebase that improves on shared commons code, that can deploy my jenkins master with options depending on what environment it is, and can deploy locally or onto my staging services. That’s already a lot better than what I had before, even if it’s not complete yet. For example, I know what pinned versions of what things work in combination currently, and what options matter to me.

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